The challenge for every photographer is to find your own path and develop your own unique way of visual storytelling, in short, to produce one-of-a-kind work that illuminates your subject, through a powerful and authentic personal vision. In this workshop, James Whitlow Delano will offer personalized instruction on how to create a project and bring it to fruition.


James Whitlow Delano has lived in Asia for over 20 years. His work has been awarded internationally: the Alfred Eisenstadt Award (from Columbia University and Life Magazine), Leica’s Oskar Barnack, Picture of the Year International, NPPA Best of Photojournalism, PDN and others for work from China, Japan, Afghanistan and Burma, etc. His first monograph book, Empire: Impressions from China was the first ever one-person show of photography at La Triennale di Milano Museum of Art.

The Mercy Project / Inochi his charity photo book for hospice received the PX3 Gold Award and the Award of Excellence from Communication Arts. His work has appeared in magazines and photo festivals on five continents. His latest award-winning monograph book, Black Tsunami: Japan 2011 (FotoEvidence) explored the aftermath of Great East Japan Earthquake, Tsunami and Nuclear disaster. He’s a grantee for the Pulitzer Center on Crisis Reporting, for work documenting the destruction of equatorial rainforests and human rights violations of indigenous inhabitants there. In 2015, Delano founded Everyday Climate Change Instagram feed, where photographers from 6 continents document global climate change on 7 continents.


Participants will propose a story idea around the theme of WATER. The concept of water may be considered broadly. You may build a story around a narrative, a single person and his interaction with water or the project may focus on a conceptual notion of water.
Workshop Focuses:

  • Building strategies towards developing your ideas, deepening themes, and establishing an ongoing visual dialogue with your subject.
  • Developing new survival and technical skills to meet the challenges of full immersion in diverse places and cultures
  • Understanding current trends in international journalism.
  • Creating an instantly recognizeable documentary style.

3 Sites have been selected as the focus of this workshop.

  • Ousteri Lake – (10 km west of Pondicherry)
    • Bird Sanctuary
    • Local Amusement Park
    • Tourism
    • Development

  • Serenity Beach – (5 km south of Pondicherry)
    • Active Fishing Village
    • Tourism Destination
    • Surfing
    • Development

  • Pondicherry Port
    • Backwaters
    • Active Fishing Port
    • Environmental Issues
    • Tourism/Recreational Boating
    • Mangroves

Osudu Map

Participants are encouraged research Pondicherry, its history, its people and culture; to have some sense of the location before arriving and then be creative in choosing their preferred target story. An outline of the intended story based on one of the three above locations must be ready for discussion at the beginning of the workshop.

Participants go out and shoot daily. Fixers will be available to assist in making initial contacts. Participants receive daily critiques and editing advice one on one and through class discussions.
The Workshop will culminate in a curated exhibition opening on 4 September on the Beach Road of Pondicherry as an augmented event of PondyPHOTO 2016.

Dates and Schedule:

Sun, 28 Aug Presentation by JWD at PP 2016 Site (Optional)
Mon, 29 Aug 10 am – 5 pm Workshop Sessions
Evening presentation by Sponsor
Tue, 30 Aug 10 am – 5 pm Workshop Sessions/Shoot
Wed, 31 Aug 10 am – 5 pm Workshop Sessions/Shoot
Thur, 1 Sept FREE Shoot
Fri, 2 Sept Morning Free Shoot
1-5 pm Workshop Sessions
Sat, 3 Sept 10am - 5 pm Workshop Sessions
Sun, 4 Sept Printing, Evening opening of Exhibition on Beach Road

Registration Fees: Just 10 Slots!
Only Rs.22,500 INR

* Includes group travel to sites on 3 days, tea & snacks during sessions
* Price does NOT include travel to/from Pondicherry, meals or accommodation

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