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Documentary Photography is a form of photography used to record/chronicle specific important event or to send a message or make a statement through an image. The good thing about Documentary photography is that one photograph can tell a whole story. Documentary Photographers are our eyewitnesses with their observations of the world and its people. They use their knowledge, skills and trained eye to see the hidden messages in our societies and captures the moments of time for all of us to see, now and in the future.


Senthil Kumaran is an independent visual storyteller from India. He holds an engineering degree in IT but an immense interest in visual arts from his childhood led him to pursue a full time career in photography. His work focuses on social, environmental issues. Over the past 5 years, his work has turned towards Environmental & Wildlife Journalism. His works have been screened in various International photo festivals, also published in Getty Images, AFP, Terre Sauvage Magazine, City Magazine, Photo Life Magazine.

He has won several awards from international organizations like POYi, UNESCO, National Geography Magazine , WWF, Pano & Nature Image Awards. In 2007, he won the "Geographical Photographer of the Year Award" from Royal Geographic Society, London. Senthil was awarded the "Hope Fran├žoise Demulder Grant" from Angkor Photography Festival, Cambodia, 2014.


A portfolio of 15-20 photographic images. Maybe a recent photo story or single pictures, including captions and a short story description. Each image should in jpeg format, not exceeding 3MB and longer side not more than 1000px at 72ppi. Please test all digital materials before submitting.
Resume or CV: A one-page Statement of Purpose of your work, with less than 300 words describing your reasons for applying to the program and elaborating on the influences on your work, its current direction, and your research interests.
Submit your application in English by sending the above to pp2016.workshops@gmail.com.

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