An exploration of water through dance

 Ram & Suresh

The Indian-Dutchbrothers RamdjietKishna and Suresh Kishna are the founders and artistic directors of ArangArt® - Tanjore Quartet United Art Foundation to create awareness through performances, workshops, masterclasses and to provide talented kids and youngsters from every cultural background free dance workshops. They are current dance masters, choreographers, costume designers, stylists and conservators of the original classical Tanjore Quartet BharataNatyam master school. Their Guru, the late multiple award winning Prof. Guru K. P. KittappaPillai, is the great¬-great grandson of Sri Sivanandam of the Quartet.

 Grace Gitadelila

Grace is a certified dancer and art therapist/remedial teacher fromAuroville. With Kolangul DD in D:'Dance & Drawing in Douceur' (Auroville) she works to a learning space to furnish the needs of students and guests of Auroville who wish to learn how to communicate through Non- Verbal mediums. During her performance: De leau de la d'icishe will be accompanied by the Hamsini group. Grace willdancein a ‘Loise Fuller' circle costume depicting the movement of the waves, wind and water elements.


Shadow box chairtable trust is a non profit organization that works to support and empower kids and women's of Dharavi Mumbai. They provide them education and develop there hidden skills to ensure a better future. The trust provides a free studio for artists improve in Hip-hop, break dance and beat boxing. They aim to provide also provide knowledge about art.

Old Port, Pondicherry
27 August 2016
8.00 PM
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