Film screening of “Water and a City” followed by Q&A session with filmmaker Swati Dandekar.

 Swati Dandekar

Swati Dandekar is a documentary filmmaker based in Bangalore, India, with a special interest in creating a visual narrative of the living history around her; of people, places, ideas, traditions and practices. Her recent work has focussed on urban India, particularly the changes taking place in small towns and cities, and the impact of these changes on people's lives.
She is currently working as Head of Film Programme at the Srishti Institute of Art, Design and Technology.

 Water and a City

With growing urbanisation across India, many towns and cities are crying for more water. How much of the perceived shortage of water is due to a lack of resources, and how much due to lack of awareness and poor management? These are the pertinent queries that the film, "Water and a City" raises. Set in Bangalore, the film traces the journey of water into and out of urban homes. Along this journey, it looks at how cities and city dwellers across social and economic strata interact with water. It looks at access to water for the poor, the politics of water pricing, and urban India's continuous exploitation of natural resources. The film also explores possible alternatives for an ecologically sustainable and socially just water future.

Changemakers Hall, Old Port, Pondicherry
09 September 2016
7.00 PM
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