26 DAYS LEFT to LIGHT PondyPHOTO 2016!

Time is going fast for the PondyART team as preparations shift into high gear with only 26 days left until PondyPHOTO 2016 opens to the public.

25 Days

However, we still don’t have the funds to light the festival in the evenings for the all the amazing photography, films, talks, presentations and performances on our program!  Your contribution of any size can help!   Please consider making a contribution to this one of a kind arts and environmental awareness event through our BITGIVING campaign or PayPal on our DONATE page!

THANK YOU for your support of PondyPHOTO 2016 and your understanding of the importance of building awareness of the No. 1 Global Issue – WATER.


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This was one of the most wonderful photos of our first festival taken by Yannick Cormier…and what makes it so great?  The impact of incredible photography under the lights and against a night sky.

Yannick Cormier, Work by Kishor K. Sharma

But lights and the power to run them are the biggest single cost in PondyPHOTO’s Budget after printing.  AND WE DONT HAVE THE MONEY to turn them on.

Help us show off this edition’s photography to it its best advantage and support our LETS LIGHT THE FESTIVAL campaign on Bitgiving.com.  Great or small your contribution will make a difference and we’ll send you some great gifts to say THANK YOU!

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CONGRATULATIONS to PondyPHOTO 2016 Workshop Scholarship WINNERS!



PondyART and PhotoConcierge and Judges James Whitlow Delano and Clare Arni congratulate the winners of the OPEN CALL Competition for an all expense paid scholarship to the PondyPHOTO 2016 DOCUMENTARY STORYTELLING WORKSHOP!

We thank everyone who participated in this open call competition for submitting their great stories.  James and Clare had a tough time making the final decision!

If you were not selected, you can still sign up with us for the few slots left.  Email us at pp2016.workshops@gmail.com right away!!!

Winners Selected!!! – “Storytelling & Documentary Photography Workshop” by James Whitlow Delano

Cherry blossoms have open on a tree that seems to rise right out of the rubble. Ofunato, Iwate Prefecture, Japan.
Cherry blossoms have opened on a tree that seems to rise right out of the rubble. Ofunato, Iwate Prefecture, Japan.


The Open call has been closed and five talented photographers have been selected to an all expense paid workshop with James Whitlow Delano at PondyPHOTO 2016. The names will be announced on PhotoConcierge by Sunday 24 July at noon.

For those who weren’t able to send in their applications earlier, it isn’t too late. You can write to us and still register for the workshop.

This is a fantastic opportunity for emerging environmental photographers to be mentored in their craft.

There are only a few slots left!

For more details mail: pp2016.workshops@gmail.com