Manalmagudi Theatre Land Workshop – Apply Now!



S. Murugaboopathy, the founder director of the Tamil theatre group, Manalmagudi Theatre Land is going to facilitate a 2 days’ workshop at the Alliance Francaise, Pondicherry.

Manalmagudi Theatre Land under the vision and direction of Murugaboopathy, are known for their visually breathtaking, rooted yet contemporary theatre. Choosing to perform away from the conventional proscenium stage, instead creating performances in nature, villages, and non-urban spaces, Manalmagudi brings an ethereal visual quality to their work. Embodying rituals that create a new and meaningful idiom Murugaboopathy chooses equally unconventional, but socially relevant themes for performance.

If you are a theatre practitioner or interested in exploring theatre this is a wonderful opportunity to explore a uniquely experimental form of theatre, directly taught by its creator!!

 There are limited spaces at workshop. For more details and to apply send us an email at