WATER represents the essence of this region and celebrates this essence in all its forms while facing head on the rising challenges to its pure and unobstructed flow in a changing environment. WATER  bringing photographers of the South Indian Sub Continent together to share our region’s water stories, both of the past and of the present.  If these ponds of ours run dry, our future is bleak, but with care and effort we can change today’s stories; the ponds will fill and the birds will nest.

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The Hungry Tide     PP Tasneem Insta     PP Pablo Insta

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THE KITCHEN SINK – Curated by Cheryl Newman, UK

THE KITCHEN SINK is a reflection on the human encounter and relationship with water. Images of pleasure, pain, joy, power and destruction, both whimsical and serious include fine art, documentary and photojournalism  with some of the most internationally renowned photographers including :  Mustafah Abdulaziz (USA), Corey Arnold (USA), Marcus Bleasdale, UK, Antoine Bruy (France), Solmaz Daryani (Iran), Mitch Epstein (USA), Rose Lynn Fisher (USA), Stephen Gill (UK), Noemie Goudal (France), Tom Hunter (UK), Max Pinckers (Belgium), Yan Preston (China/UK), Alessandra Sanguinetti (USA), Nigel Shafran (UK), Bharat Sikka (India), Alec Soth (USA), Maurice Van Es (Netherlands) and Vasantha Yogananthan (France).

Multimedia InstaCAUSE & AFFECTED

Cause and Affected is an exhibition on the recent flood situations across India.  Though floods may last only a few days, their effects will not disappear as quickly as the water levels drop.  

Arun Titan, Chandru, Kovendhan Venugopal, Arun Vijai, Amirtharaj Stephen,Satyanarayana Gola, Dinesh Snaps, Narasimham.N, Maveeran Somasundaram, Anita Sathiam, Sathish Kumar and Mouhamed Moustapha


PhotoINK presents 2 exhibitions for PondyPHOTO 2016. ‘Water Towers’ by Randhir Singh, an architectural photographer based in New Delhi.  ‘Everyday Baroque’ showcases  a unique series on water storage tanks in villages in Punjab by Rajesh Vora.

PP Randhir Insta

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The French Institute of Pondicherry (IFP) presents WATER THROUGH THE EYES OF IFP RESEARCHERS. Audrey Richard, head of Social Sciences IFP, collected several old and new photographs of IFP researchers on water related studies. Learn at the Beach Road wall of the IFP how photographs are used for research on water through the years.



Prohelvetia – Swiss Arts Council presents SWISS PHOTOGRAPHY REVIEW. Instead of photos exhibited on walls, Kasha Ki Aasha showcases the arts in books. Or browse the best of photography from Switzerland!




For the families and wildlife living so close to the land and its waters, the effects of global climate change and human demands are increasingly evident, and soon in some cases will be disastrous. Individuals, organizations and government are making efforts to educate the public, introduce better practices and initiate positive change, but much more needs to be done. PondyPHOTO seeks to augment those efforts this year; bringing together CHANGEMAKERS from across the nation who are facing the rising water challenges head on in a special photographic showcase of positive change efforts on the ground.

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